Frozen Seafood | Processor & Exporter


Mir Waheed Asghar [Partner]
Mir Waheed Asghar is an active partner of Coastal Seafoods. In 1994, he took the initiative of laying down the foundation of the company along with his counterparts Mr. Ali Raza and Mr. Haider Ali. Since then, he has rendered unforgettable services in helping the company achieve pinnacle of success; earning valuable foreign exchange for Pakistan.

Foreign in the metropolitan city of Karachi, Mir Waheed Asghar started his career in Fisheries in 1974 as an assistant supervisor. He worked long hours in a local factory acquiring the required skills in managing a seafood exporting company. Hardwork, sincerity and honesty paved way for success and within a short period of time, he earned a respectable position in the company. There on, he moved even higher and started his own business. Going from bottom to top, he learned the smallest of details required in seafood export. This invaluable knowledge helped him achieve success.

Ali Raza [Partner]
Ali Raza ventured with Mir Waheed Asghar to start Coastal Seafoods. His knowledge of seafood industry and his technical expertise has rendered a great service to the company.

Farooq Waheed Mir [General Manager]
Farooq Waheed Mir is the eldest son of Mir Waheed Asghar and general manager at Coastal Seafoods. Academically he is a graduate from Greenwich University. Young and talented, Farooq Waheed Mir has devoted himself to the promotion and expansion of his father's business. As a result of his efforts, Coastal Seafoods has earned a good name in business circle all over the world. Farooq Waheed Mir is, therefore, a great asset to Mir Waheed Asghar as well as Coastal Seafoods for the seafood business promotion.